Lower Back Pain Support

Instant Relief for Stubborn Lower Back Pain with RESET – Feel the Difference!

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Lower Back Pain Support

Find your back's best friend: Soothe, target, and tackle lower back pain with personalized relief: gels, medicines, and tablets.

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Experience freedom from lower back agony, and embrace comfort in every move. For enduring relief and a life without boundaries.

Other support

For a systemic approach to relief, RESET offers a specialized medicine for lower back pain , providing comprehensive support from within.

Easy to rub Emulsion

An easy to apply potent formula with roll-on massager

Easy to rub Emulsion

₹ 499.00

₹ 474.00


Soothing gel

Uniquely formulated gel with wintergreen oil containing natural methyl salicylate.

Soothing gel

₹ 199.00

₹ 189.00

What others say about our pain relief products

I've tried many different gels and balms for muscle pain, but nothing works as well as this does. It's amazing!

I happen to be a satisfied and happy customer of yours. RESET has really made the difference and the application has given positive results. We are thankful to you all for the product. Keep up the good work.