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R3SET, an all-natural wellness brand, crafts clean formulations free from preservatives and artificial colors. Meticulously curated with nature's bounty and essential oils, each product embodies a harmonious symphony for holistic well-being, drawing on the therapeutic properties of time-tested herbs.

You can seamlessly incorporate R3SET into your daily routine, allowing you to use any of our Topical products like the Ultra Potent Gel, Easy-to-rub Emulsion or the Deep Penetrating Spray at any time and as frequently as needed.

For optimal results, consume 1 R3SET tablet after meals, accompanied by either warm milk or water. To sustain a harmonious state of comfort, repeat this regimen thrice daily or  Enjoy a Detox candy after meals for natural cleansing. Savour this wellness ritual 2-3 times daily for optimal vitality.

R3SET utilizes advanced nanotechnology for superior retention and penetration in the skin for instant pain relief. Surpassing competitors, it delivers a 20% improvement in efficacy, showcasing a 45% edge in analgesic activity over NSAIDs, providing a holistic and efficient long-term solution.

Though we ensure careful parcel packing to provide a perfect experience, shipping may pose a slight risk of damage sometimes. In such cases, kindly document with an unboxing video and contact [email protected] for assistance.

Upon dispatch, you will receive an order confirmation email containing your tracking details. Should you have any concerns regarding your order status, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We recommend using the products for anyone who is 18 years or above. The products are even safe for people who are 60 years or above and pregnant women

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