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Each one of our natural products are crafted to fill your daily routine with goodness and help you feel your best, every day!

Vitamin C gummies

A dose of immunity and goodness with a tangy twist

Vitamin C gummies

₹ 799.00

Ultra potent gel

A 2X more powerful formula for enhanced relief

Ultra potent gel

₹ 799.00

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Understand your body in order to take control. This free assessment is curated by experts and is powered by AI to provide a personalized consultation experience.

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Reset reimagining wellness - a feature by Harper's Bazaar (July Edition)

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Discover what trusted sources are saying about your new wellness companion. Dive into wellness trends, expert insights and find a small dose of goodness.

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Reset article in YourStory

Reset X Branding in Asia

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Last year during Feb I had purchased reset and used for my knee pain. It was very useful and this year also had purchased from Amazon as got it next day. as senior citizen and having arthritis really reset is helpful

Sridhara CS

I love your products, got to know about it through cred. The tablets are my fav one due to no side effects painkilling effect. Suggested it to many friends and everyone has appreciated it. Bought the roll on and spray too, those are also great. Please keep continuing your products, it is the best for the people who don't take painkillers due to excessive side effects.

Shubham Gill

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Dose of good

Empowering everyone to live life to the fullest.

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Enjoy performing the everyday health ritual with Reset.

Enjoy performing the everyday health ritual with Reset.

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Experience the goodness of effective, easy-to-use solutions.

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Empower yourself with Reset’s natural solutions, elevating daily well-being.

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Our commitment to reset your life doesn’t end here! In fact, as your Wellness Companion, we promise to be with you on every step of this journey, including on social media