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Privacy Policy:

At Venus Remedies Limited, we highly regard the privacy rights of each individual. Our relationship with you stands as our most cherished asset, forming the cornerstone of our esteemed name and reputation.

Information collection and use

Welcome to our Privacy Policy. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") is a notice designed to inform you about the information we gather when you engage with our website. As we collect this information, we operate as a data controller, and it is our legal obligation to furnish you with details about our identity, the purposes and methods of data usage, and the rights you possess concerning your data.

Rest assured, your Personal Information remains strictly confidential and is never shared with any third parties, except for the specific reasons outlined within this Privacy Policy. We hold a strong commitment to safeguard your privacy and ensuring that your data is handled in accordance with the principles and guidelines set forth herein.


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For correspondence, you can reach out to us via mail at the address provided above. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at [email protected], or by telephone at 9779073738 during our operational hours from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM IST, Monday through Saturday. We are dedicated to being available during these hours to assist and address any inquiries or concerns you may have.

How we use your information

·    What information do we collect?

·    Why do we collect this information?

·    When you use our website?

·    How long do we keep your information for?

·     When you sign up to receive our newsletter?

·    When you submit a review about us?

·    When you take part in our feedback survey?

·    Your rights as a data subject

·    Your right to complain

·    When does this Privacy Policy apply?

What information do we collect?

We collect information about you on our Website. Some of this information does not identify you personally, but provides us with information about how you use our services and engage with us (we use this information to improve our services and make them more useful to you). The information we collect about you, your spouse or your children includes some or all of the following:

On our website, we gather information about your interactions. While some of this information might not personally identify you, it offers insights into how you utilize our services and engage with us. This data serves as a valuable resource, enabling us to enhance and tailor our services to better suit your needs and preferences.

The information we collect may encompass details related to you, your spouse, or your children, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Name (including title);

  • Address;

  • Country;

  • Phone number;

  • Email address;

  • Date of birth;

  • Gender;

  • Your IP address;

  • Order details;

  • Comments;

  • Usage Patterns: Information regarding how you navigate and utilize our services.

  • Preferences: Insights into your preferences and interactions with specific features or content.

  • Device Information: Data about the device(s) you use to access our services, such as device type, operating system, and browser details.

Our goal in collecting this information is to continuously refine and optimize our services to provide you with a more personalized and seamless experience. Your privacy and the confidentiality of this data remain fundamental aspects of our commitment to you.

Why do we collect this information?

  • Name (including title)

Your name is an essential piece of information that we require for several purposes:

1.   Creating Usernames: Your name helps us generate a personalized username that allows you to access and interact with our platform effectively.

2.   Enhancing Personalized Experiences: Knowing your name enables us to provide a more tailored and personalized experience while addressing your queries or providing assistance. This allows us to understand your needs better and offer more relevant and helpful responses.

3.   Order Processing: When you make a purchase, your name is crucial for generating order invoices and ensuring accurate shipment details. This information facilitates smooth order processing and delivery logistics, benefiting both us and our shipment partners.

By providing your name, you enable us to offer a more customized and efficient service, ensuring that your interactions with our platform are personalized and that any transactions or orders are handled accurately and promptly. Your privacy and the security of your data are paramount, and we handle this information with the utmost confidentiality and in compliance with relevant privacy laws and regulations.

  • Address

Your address, including the postcode, city, and country, is essential for several reasons:

1.   Order Processing: This information is crucial for generating accurate order invoices and facilitating the shipment process. It ensures that your order is correctly processed and accounted for in our system.

2.   Shipment Details: Both our team and our shipment partners require your address details to prepare shipment labels. These labels contain your address information, aiding in the seamless and accurate delivery of your orders.

3.   Delivery Facilitation: Printing your address details on shipment labels is vital for the delivery process. It enables our shipment partners to accurately route and deliver your orders to the designated location.

Providing your address details ensures that the shipment process is efficient and that your orders reach you in a timely and accurate manner. Rest assured, we handle your address information with strict confidentiality and adhere to stringent data protection measures to safeguard your privacy.

  • Country

Knowing the country you reside in is instrumental for us to provide more tailored and precise responses to your health-related queries. It helps us understand your location-specific health considerations, enabling us to offer more relevant and personalized information suited to your circumstances. Additionally, this information assists us in analyzing health trends and considerations specific to different regions, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of various health-related issues. Rest assured, your privacy is of utmost importance, and we handle this information with strict confidentiality and in adherence to stringent data protection standards.

  • Phone Number

Your phone number serves multiple purposes:

1.   Loyalty Program Identification: It helps us identify you as a member of our loyalty program, enabling you to access program benefits and rewards.

2.   Order Processing: For generating order invoices and facilitating shipment, your phone number is crucial. This ensures accuracy in order processing and allows our shipment partners to contact you regarding the delivery of your purchase.

3.   Subscription Preferences: If you choose to subscribe, your phone number enables us to send you offers, promotional SMS, and surveys. This subscription allows you to stay updated with our latest offers and provide feedback through surveys.

We value your preferences and ensure that any communications sent to your phone number align with your subscription choices. Your phone number remains confidential and is handled securely, adhering to strict privacy measures.

  • Email id

Your email ID is essential for several reasons:

1.   Query Resolution: It allows us to respond to your questions promptly and efficiently, ensuring that we provide accurate and helpful solutions.

2.   Further Details: In cases where more information is needed to address your query thoroughly, your email ID enables us to reach out for additional details.

3.   Order Updates: We use your email ID to communicate important updates regarding your orders, ensuring you stay informed about their status.

Additionally, if you opt to subscribe, your email ID enables us to send you offers, promotional messages, and surveys. This subscription keeps you updated on our latest offerings and allows you to participate in providing valuable feedback through surveys.

Rest assured, we prioritize the security and confidentiality of your email ID, handling it in accordance with stringent privacy protocols and ensuring that any communication aligns with your subscription preferences.

  • Date of Birth

We require your date of birth to offer discounts and special offers. It may be used for analytical purposes, to understand age and provide relevant offers.

Your date of birth serves various purposes:

1.   Discounts and Special Offers: It enables us to provide tailored discounts and special offers, personalized to celebrate your birthday or other relevant occasions.

2.   Analytical Insights: Your date of birth assists us in understanding age demographics, aiding in the analysis of customer preferences. This analysis helps us provide more relevant and age-specific offers and services.

We value the security and confidentiality of your date of birth and use it solely for enhancing your experience with personalized discounts and for statistical purposes to improve our services. Your privacy is a priority, and we ensure that your data is handled in compliance with stringent privacy measures.

  • Gender

Our gender details serve a specific purpose:

1.   Analytical Insights: Providing your gender assists us in gathering insights for analytical purposes. This information aids in understanding and analyzing preferences, enabling us to offer more tailored and relevant offers and services.

Your gender information is solely utilized for analytical purposes to enhance our understanding of customer preferences. We ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are maintained, handling this data in accordance with stringent privacy policies and regulations.

  • IP address

We record IP address to show that the correct tax was applied to the sale, which we are required to do by law. This is required to Store for security purposes for aiding us to track any individual in case of any misshaping in our website/system

The recording of your IP address serves two primary purposes:

1.   Tax Compliance: We store your IP address to demonstrate the correct application of taxes to the sale, as mandated by law.

2.   Security Measures: Your IP address is stored for security reasons, aiding us in tracking and identifying individuals in the event of any anomalies or irregularities within our website/system. This is part of our security protocol to safeguard against potential misuses or breaches.

Rest assured, the collection and storage of your IP address are strictly for these specific purposes. We maintain the confidentiality and security of this information in adherence to stringent privacy standards and regulations.

  • Order Details

The collection of order details serves several important functions:

1.   Record Keeping: We gather order details to create a comprehensive record of your purchase. This record aids in maintaining accurate transaction histories for reference and customer service purposes.

2.   Order Fulfillment: Your order details are crucial for the fulfillment process. This information ensures that we accurately process and fulfill your orders, including shipment and delivery to the specified address.

3.   Sales Analysis: Analyzing order details enables us to gain insights into sales performance across different areas or categories. This analysis assists in understanding customer preferences and helps in optimizing our offerings to better meet customer needs.

Rest assured, the collection of your order details is conducted with strict confidentiality and adherence to privacy regulations. These details are used solely for the purposes of order management, fulfillment, and improving our services based on sales analysis.

  • Comments

Should you have any additional comments or details related to your query or question, feel free to provide further information. Your additional input assists us in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the situation, enabling us to offer more precise and tailored assistance to address your needs effectively. Your feedback and additional details are greatly valued and aid us in providing you with the most relevant and helpful support.


As you browse our website to explore our products, services, and available information, we utilize a variety of cookies, both from our platform and third-party sources. These cookies serve several purposes, allowing the website to function smoothly, gathering valuable information about visitors, and enhancing user experiences.

Certain cookies are essential for the basic functionality of our website, and your consent isn't required for us to place these on your computer. However, there are other cookies that enhance functionality but are not strictly necessary. For these, we always seek your consent before placing them on your device.

Apart from the cookies we use, several third parties also employ cookies on your device, once again, with your consent. Below, we list these third-party cookies for your reference and understanding. Your consent is crucial for these cookies to be placed on your computer.

We prioritize transparency and respect for your choices regarding cookies, ensuring that you have the option to grant consent for those cookies that are not strictly necessary for the fundamental operation of our website. This allows you to make informed decisions about the cookies you prefer to have active during your browsing experience.


The duration for which we retain your identifiable personal information is not set indefinitely. Upon the conclusion of our relationship with you, we maintain your personal information for a period of 2 years. This retention is solely for the purpose of establishing, supporting, or defending legal claims, as mandated by legal obligations.

There are specific exceptions to the aforementioned retention periods:

  • Legal Requirements: In instances where the law necessitates us to retain your personal information for a longer duration or requires its deletion earlier.

  • Customer Complaints: If you raise a complaint or concern regarding our products or services, we retain your information for 2 years following the date of that complaint or query.

  • Your Rights: If you exercise your right to have your information erased (where applicable) and there is no necessity to retain it for reasons permitted or mandated by law.

We adhere to these specified retention periods unless circumstances arise that require a different approach based on legal or compliance obligations, customer interactions, or your exercise of data erasure rights, ensuring compliance with applicable regulations while safeguarding your rights and privacy.


When you subscribe to receive our newsletter, we request your name and email address.

We seek your explicit consent to utilize your provided name and email address for the purpose of sending you our newsletter. Our newsletter contains details about our products and other information that we believe may be of interest to you.

At any point, you retain the right to withdraw your consent, and upon doing so, we will cease sending you the newsletter.

Please note the following:

  • Your name and email address are shared with a third-party mailing system to facilitate the distribution of our newsletter.

  • We do not utilize the information you provide to make automated decisions that could impact you.

  • Your personal data is retained for the duration of our newsletter production and distribution. Upon withdrawal of your consent, we will cease using your details and securely delete them after a period of two years.

Your privacy and control over your information are important to us. We ensure that your details are handled with utmost care, and your ability to manage your subscription preferences is always respected.


When you submit a review about our products or services, we collect your name, email address, and IP (Internet Protocol) address, which identifies your computer on the Internet.

We utilize this information to offer authentic, independent insights regarding our products and services to potential customers. Your name and the content of your review (excluding your email address or IP address) may be displayed publicly on our website. This practice aligns with our legitimate interest in promoting our products and services.

It's important to note:

  • We do not employ the information provided to make automated decisions that may impact you.

  • Your personal data is retained for the duration of our marketing efforts pertaining to the product or services referenced in the review. Subsequently, this data is securely deleted.

  • You have the option to request the removal of your review at any time.

Your privacy and control over your information are paramount to us. We handle your data responsibly and ensure that your review contributes positively to our marketing efforts while respecting your right to manage the content you've shared.


When you participate in our feedback survey, we collect your name, email address, Organization name, job role, and your responses to inquiries regarding your perceptions and utilization of our products and services.

This information is instrumental in our efforts to enhance and refine our products, services, and customer relationships. We utilize this data as part of our commitment to continuously improve and evolve based on customer feedback, aligned with our legitimate interest in promoting our products and services.

Here are important details:

  • We do not utilize the information provided to make automated decisions affecting you.

  • Your personal data is retained for a period of two years or for the duration of our marketing efforts related to the specific product or service in reference, whichever is shorter.

  • You hold the option to request the removal of a testimonial derived from your feedback on our website at any time.

Your privacy and the integrity of your feedback are significant to us. We handle your information with care and ensure that your feedback contributes to our commitment to enhancing our offerings while respecting your control over the content you've shared.


You have the right to inquire about the information we possess concerning you, and should you find inaccuracies, you can request corrections. Additionally, if we have sought your consent for processing your personal data, you retain the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

Should our processing of your personal data be based on consent or contractual obligations, you may request a copy of the information in a machine-readable format, allowing for easy transfer to another service provider.

In cases where the basis for processing your personal data is consent or legitimate interest, you hold the right to request the deletion of your data. Furthermore, if you believe that we are unlawfully using your information, you have the right to request a temporary halt in its usage.

To exercise any of these rights concerning your personal data, please contact us via the email, postal address, or telephone provided in this policy. We're committed to address your queries and ensuring that your rights regarding your personal information are respected and fulfilled.


Should you have any concerns or complaints regarding the use of your information, we encourage you to reach out to us directly. Your feedback is valuable to us, and addressing your concerns promptly is our priority.

For any specific data protection issues or complaints, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 9779073738 during our operational hours from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM IST. We are dedicated to being available during these hours to assist you and address any concerns you may have regarding your data protection. Your feedback helps us continually improve our practices and ensures that we address any issues in a timely and effective manner.

Venus Remedies Limited,

Plot Number 51-52,

Industrial Area, Phase-I,




If you have any queries about the processing of your personal information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at:

Venus Consumer Healthcare Division

[email protected]


We are here to address any questions or concerns you might have regarding the handling of your personal information. Your privacy matters to us, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary assistance and information regarding the processing of your data.


This Privacy Policy pertains to all services provided by Venus Remedies Limited through its websites, ensuring the protection of your information. However, this policy does not cover services rendered by other entities, whether companies or individuals.

While we diligently safeguard your data on our platforms, services, and affiliated websites under Venus Remedies Limited, it's important to note that other entities and their respective services operate under their distinct privacy policies. Therefore, when interacting with or accessing products and services beyond those directly offered by Venus Remedies Limited, you may encounter different privacy guidelines that govern those specific services or products.

Our commitment remains unwavering in prioritizing your privacy across all our platforms and services under Venus Remedies Limited. However, for services or products beyond our direct offerings, we recommend reviewing the respective privacy policies of those entities for a clear understanding of their data handling practices.



Our commitment to your privacy prompts us to routinely review and, when deemed necessary, update this privacy policy. As our services and the utilization of personal data continue to evolve, these updates ensure that our policies remain aligned with our practices and your privacy expectations.

In instances where we intend to utilize your personal data in ways not previously identified, we will take the initiative to reach out to you. This communication will involve providing detailed information about these new uses of your personal data. Additionally, if required, we will seek your consent before proceeding with any new data usage beyond what was initially outlined.

This approach underscores our dedication to transparency and respect for your privacy preferences. We strive to keep you informed about any changes and to obtain your consent whenever necessary, ensuring that your data is handled in accordance with your preferences and expectations.


Version 1, Date: 08/12/2023