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Pain! You made me a believer!

2024-01-255 min read


A beautiful song, Pain! You made me a believer!

My experience in life has come majorly through three sources-

  • My personal experiences and the life experiences of people around me

  • Books

  • Series & movies

Well, the last bit has played a vital role in the previous few years ☺

I sometimes feel like sharing if I watch something nice, and one such is the series “The Good Doctor.” While many of the episodes are interesting and good, one touched me strangely.

Let me narrate it in a gist. A couple reaches out to the hospital, with the wife having a minor but persistent stomach problem. The happy duo – wherein the wife considered it to be something trivial, but a concerned husband couldn’t ignore it. Behaviorally, the wife was an extremely happy and contented person, with the husband too proud (feeling like a wimp himself) of his wife’s acceptance of everything and an ever-ok attitude. The two seemingly complemented each other.

Coming back to the bodily problem, the diagnosis blew off the triviality of the issue. The wife’s body was under the grip of a widespread, damaging, and severe infection. Various tests revealed that she doesn’t feel any pain (physical or emotional) due to an issue with the nerve signaling the brain to sense and respond to pain (some medical jargon, I don’t remember now ).

This is something that created issues between the couple! The husband, who earlier considered his wife to be strong, now related everything in the past and the future to this medical condition. How she easily digested every upsetting news, including her miscarriage, without a drop of tear or remorse. And will no future incident, including his (the husband’s) death, matter to her! Halting my narration here.

Pain is important. Feelings, getting hurt, suffering a loss, getting affected by it, aching with others, empathizing are incredibly crucial. We need to overcome our pains, but without them, we are nothing more than a bed or a wooden chair. Pain is what makes us humans with souls.


✔ is what makes us know and appreciate what matters.

✔ is what makes us feel the feelings of others; understand the situation of others.

✔ is what makes us realize our tensile strength; we never know it until we use it (and believe me, it is much more than what we can ever imagine – I have a live exemplifying story, will probably share in some other blog).

✔ is that revives us back to life.

✔ and ultimately makes us a believer!

Let’s pray not for a painless life but a life that empowers us to endure it, learn from it, and keep progressing!

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