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Natural Solutions for Foot Pain

2024-01-228 min read


5 Ways to Get Rid of Foot Pain with Natural Solutions

Starting from early morning chores to a good night’s sleep, your feet are the ones taking you everywhere you need to go! Hence, it is common to have pain in your foot even on a daily basis, and it is essential to get instant foot pain relief using the best painkiller.

Foot pain is common in people of all age groups. There are many solutions available for foot pain relief; however, it is best to rely on a natural painkiller (without any side effects) and home remedies. In today’s world, where there are adulterants all around and in everything, only a natural painkiller can be the best painkiller.

Home Remedies for Foot Pain Relief

A home is bliss and has everything for our cure, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

  • Water: Won’t be wrong to term water a panacea - a solution to many of our problems. Likewise, helps a warm water bath during foot pain - even soaking our feet for some time in warm water has a significant soothing effect. In addition, if we add Epsom salts to the warm water, it provides great relief and reduces foot inflammation, if any. You may also add cayenne pepper to the warm water as it helps relieve aching and strained muscles. Another helpful thing that can be added to warm water to aid in pain alleviation and reducing inflammation is mustard seeds. Grinding them, adding to warm water, and soaking feet could be 👌.

  • Massaging: Massaging is a good way to relieve any kind of body pain, especially foot pain. Use clove oil to massage the foot gently - the oil would soothe the pain and relax your body. Add a little olive oil if your skin is sensitive.

  • Stretching: There are various stretches that are helpful in case of sore feet.

  1. Flexing & curling of toes for a few seconds

  2. Sitting down while extending your legs in a relaxed manner - move your toes for a while, then move your ankle both in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions

  3. Shifting weight from heels to toes and reverse while standing

  • Strengthening: Your feet carry a huge burden on themselves; hence it is crucial for them to be strong. There are a few exercises/movements that can help strengthen your feet.

  1. Use of resistance bands/weights

  2. Extend your leg to pull something using your toe from the floor ○ Try Achilles stretch

  • Footwear: Your footwear is the most critical aspect in terms of your foot. Don’t (I repeat, don’t) wear anything your feet aren’t comfortable in. It could result in the most troublesome pain and fatigue.

  • Icing: In case of swelling, ice your feet - using an icepack on impacted areas reduces the inflammation to a great extent.

  • Best painkiller: People avoid painkillers (especially in case of mild pains), and they must, for they not know the negative impacts of using any random painkiller. However, what if there is something you can rely on not only for such pains but for use as a lifestyle product.

A Natural Painkiller for Foot Pain Relief

Let me state one thing - no painkiller can be the best painkiller if it is composed of unnatural substances (and yes, most are!). Hence, either people avoid or carry on without realising the side effects or the habitual impacts these painkillers might impose.

So, what if we have something organic yet as effective and available in different forms (to be used as per suitability).

RESET SKUs use the power of nanotechnology and the brilliance of the natural ingredients (coming next) to help with a comprehensive healing mechanism.

➔ Eucalyptus Globus Oil - essential oil with anti-oxidant properties

➔ Peppermint oil - cool comfort of menthol for relieving body pain

➔ Vitex negundo extract - heals anxiety and muscular spasms

➔ Gaultheria procumbens oil - heals various aches and foot pains

The use of nanotechnology enables our SKUs (gels, sprays, emulsions, or tablets) to target the impacted cells or tissues specifically and hence provide instant pain relief. Since the ingredients are safe and the medicine is being induced in the body on a nanoscale level (nanotechnology), they become absolutely safe to be introduced into our bodies.

Our feet carry our entire body and take the burden of our weight; let’s not neglect them!

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