Blog post: July 1 | Doctors' Day


July 1 | Doctors' Day

2023-07-015 min read


“An apple a day keeps the doctors away.”? – Nay! It certainly does not and should not. A soldier guards a country’s borders every time (not just during a war); similarly, a doctor is our health guard. The mere presence of a doctor in a nearby area gives us mental satisfaction and a feeling of relief. None of us takes pleasure in falling ill, but we cannot ignore the importance of doctors and healthcare workers in our lives. After all, we should know which door to knock on during an emergency.

India observes National Doctors’ Day every year on the 1st of July. The day commemorates the date of birth (1st July 1882) and date of death (1st July 1962) of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was an eminent physician and the second Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal. The day endeavors to honor the contributions of doctors to individual lives and society at large. In a similar gesture, many other countries across the world mark a day to recognize the role of physicians and appropriate healthcare systems.

Health is the foundational and primary pillar of any country. A state may have hundreds of beautiful buildings, numerous tourist spots, and tons of religious places, but it is incomplete if it doesn’t have at least the minimum number of well-equipped hospitals with qualified doctors and other staff to cater to the entire population. A surplus quantity of medical supplies, equipment, and other essentials should be kept in reserve so that we are not at a loss in an epidemic-type situation – the adverse effects of which we all have faced in the past year.

We all are responsible for our health and should make all plausible efforts to work together.

✔ The government and administration need to ensure apt recruitment of staff to all hospitals. They must pay them the correct number of salaries and at the right time. Regular surveys of medical resources can help keep track of hospital supplies, and refilling, replacing, or procuring can be done before we go out of our supplies.

✔ The doctors and nursing staff are the warriors at the forefront. They act as a medium between the administration and the citizens. They need to take full responsibility while on duty and make proper arrangements before going off duty. They can also help the government(s) perform their duty well by updating them on the system’s status and resources from time to time.

✔ We, as citizens, have the most significant part to play. We must not forget that it is our health we are talking about, and we are the ones who are primarily responsible for it. It was an extremely sad situation to see some people creating hassle over wearing masks or avoiding unnecessary outdoor visits during the Covid pandemic. If we are not sensitive towards our health and wellbeing, what else are we good for? Listening to our healthcare professionals and well-wishers won’t make us any less; instead, it will help us and the people around us. Not just during COVID-19, some people usually take pride in breaking the staying-safe norms. A few common examples include not wearing seat belts, eating sweets or an unhealthy diet while running on a diabetic meter, etc. It is high time we realize that these are measures for our safety, and breaking rules makes us no heroes but losers. If we all start taking care of ourselves, the world will become a better place to thrive in!

I, on this day, wish for good health for our saviors, and our doctors. You have served us, helped us, protected us all through the years, and have exemplified your efforts in incredible ways during the last year. We thank you from all our hearts. We breathe a sigh of relief when we are in pain and see you in your white coats with a stethoscope around your neck and a smile that says, “I’m here, you’ll be fine!” ☺

Let’s end this with a promise to act responsibly toward our health and cooperate with our doctors.

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