Blog post: Is your liver asking for a timeout? Here are 5 signs


Is your liver asking for a timeout? Here are 5 signs

2024-04-105 min read


While most health conversations revolve around having a healthy heart, we often tend to overlook the hardest worker in our body - the liver. Our liver carries out over 500 functions in our body, ranging from storing essential sugars, minerals, and vitamins to fueling the body with energy. It's also responsible for managing cholesterol production and excretion, among many other functions.

And just like the heart, when your liver gets stressed, the signs start to slowly manifest in your body.

What are these signs?

Here are the 5 signs that your liver might be too stressed and needs a little help:

  1. Discolored skin: One of the biggest signs that your liver might not be feeling all too well is when you notice your skin starting to change hues. Primarily, liver stress causes your skin to turn yellowish in color. This indicates that your liver isn’t flushing out your body’s toxins adequately enough.

  2. Dark-colored urine: Since this can also happen due to dehydration, this sign shouldn’t be a cause for worry, at least not at first glance. In order to eliminate dehydration as a root cause, you can quickly chug a lot of water and wait to see if the color changes. If the color doesn’t change after a couple of tries, then the problem is rooted in your liver.

  3. Digestive issues: Chronic indigestion is another clear indicator of liver stress. If you regularly experience bloating and constipation, then it indicates that your liver isn’t breaking down your food well enough.

  4. Body Aches: It’s your liver’s job to ensure that your tissues get a regular supply of clean and oxygenated blood. But under stress, your liver is not able to perform this function optimally, which results in random aches and pains shooting throughout the body.

  5. Mood swings: One of the many functions of your liver is to regulate your mood. So if you find yourself to be irritable and sad quite often for no particular reason, then it could mean that your liver is under stress. While this isn’t a very reliable indicator by itself, when paired with other symptoms, your mood swings can serve as a great secondary indicator.

If you experience these signs, it might be time for a Reset with liver health products, detox candy, and wellness products to support your liver health. Taking care of your liver is essential for overall well-being and vitality.

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