Blog post: Historical Use of Vitamins in Beauty Care: From Ancient Remedies to Modern Science

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Historical Use of Vitamins in Beauty Care: From Ancient Remedies to Modern Science

2024-04-235 min read


The quest for beauty and wellness is as old as civilization itself, with vitamins like Vitamin C and Biotin playing pivotal roles throughout history. These essential nutrients, revered for their health benefits, have been incorporated into beauty treatments across various cultures. Today, their legacy continues, encapsulated in scientifically formulated products like RESET gummies. This blog explores the fascinating journey of Vitamin C and Biotin from ancient remedies to the forefront of modern beauty science. 

Vitamin C: A Timeless Beauty Ally 

  • Ancient Practices: Vitamin C has long been a staple in beauty care, known for its potent antioxidant properties. Historical records suggest that ancient Egyptians used treatments made from fruits rich in Vitamin C to protect their skin from the harsh sun and to prevent aging. Similarly, in traditional Chinese medicine, citrus fruits were utilized not only as dietary supplements but also in topical applications to brighten the skin. 

  • Cultural Remedies:  Moving westward, during the Age of Exploration, European sailors consumed limes and other citrus fruits to prevent scurvy, a disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency, which also led to several skin problems. This practice hinted at the early understanding of Vitamin C's crucial role in skin health. 

Biotin: Strengthening Beauty from Within

  • Historical Significance: Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, has roots in ancient beauty regimens, primarily for its benefits to hair and nails. Historical texts reveal that biotin-rich foods such as eggs and nuts were commonly consumed by the royals in medieval times to enhance their complexion and strengthen their hair. 

  • Cultural Integration:  In various traditional cultures, foods high in biotin were regarded as essential for maintaining youthful appearance and vigor. These practices underscored an intuitive understanding of biotin’s role in cellular processes long before its biochemical pathways were scientifically delineated. 

Evolution into Modern Science 

  • Scientific Validation:  The leap from traditional uses to scientific validation began in the early 20th century when researchers started to understand the biochemical roles of vitamins. Vitamin C was identified as ascorbic acid in the 1930s, leading to a deeper exploration of its benefits in skincare, particularly its role in collagen synthesis and UV protection. 

  • Biotin Breakthroughs: Similarly, the scientific community recognized biotin's essential role in the health of skin, hair, and nails, validating centuries-old dietary practices. This led to the inclusion of biotin in various dermatological products, supported by clinical studies highlighting its efficacy. 

RESET Gummies: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science

  • Innovative Formulation: Leveraging historical insights and scientific research, RESET has crafted gummies that embody the essence of both worlds. These gummies are designed to provide the optimal daily intake of Vitamin C and Biotin, reflecting both the traditional uses and the modern understanding of these vitamins. 

  • Holistic Health Approach: RESET gummies not only aim to enhance beauty but also bolster overall health, encapsulating the holistic approach that has been central to traditional wellness practices. This contemporary solution honors the heritage of Vitamin C and Biotin while utilizing the best of modern technology to ensure purity, potency, and efficacy. 



The journey of Vitamin C and Biotin from ancient natural remedies to scientifically backed RESET gummies illustrates a remarkable evolution. By embracing both the wisdom of the past and the innovations of the present, RESET gummies offer a sophisticated approach to beauty and wellness that is deeply rooted in history yet aligned with the cutting-edge science of today. 

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