Healthier and Happier

2024-01-175 min read


Hello Readers, hope you are doing great! We typically come up with small steps or tips that can do wonders when introduced into our lives. There will be no end to these steps until you are keen on living a better life! 

How do we remember all these tips? 

You are not going to read the same blog daily! You won’t be able to memorize, absorb, and practice all the suggestions in one read. Then what should you do? ‘Pin-ups’ are the answer. Use a small wall area of your room and pin these points. These will eventually become a seamless part of your lifestyle.  

We talked about the α (alpha) tips the other day. Let’s spend today figuring out the β (beta) tips. β doesn’t mean adding a ‘secondary’ tag to these pointers, but something to suggest that these would require more perseverance and endurance from our end.  

  • Live out courage: Think about and try to do something you are afraid of. See yourself in the mirror and say out loud, “I can do it.” 

  • Talk to yourself: Who knows you better than you? Talk with yourself and discuss your problems, fears, mistakes, anger, happy moments, and embarrassing actions with yourself, understand yourself and appreciate or scold yourself. You can do this freely, as there is no fear of ‘being judged.’ 

  • Meditate or pray: Talk to the divine when you are done talking to yourself ☺. The universe listens to our silent prayers. Meditation will concentrate your mind, thoughts, focus, and energy. It’d be difficult to initially meditate for even five minutes, but days of practice will help you sit for long without getting distracted. 

  • Embrace defeats:  Setbacks are the primary ingredients of life. You cannot detach them from your lives, but you can gracefully handle them. 

  • Take a walk: Taking a walk alone (preferably without an e-device) clears your mind and opens a way ahead. 

With no intention of overloading the blog with information, I guess we can call these our ‘β tips to Restore Happiness.

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