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Gym Freak?

2024-01-125 min read


There is indeed no substitute for physical exercise. If you are a gym freak, you can do outstandingly.

✔ Manage your blood sugar and cholesterol levels

✔ Improve your metabolism

✔ Manage your weight

✔ Manage your sleep routine

✔ Reduce inflammation

✔ Manage your stress levels

✔ Maintain your cardiovascular health

✔ Recover better and quickly from a period of hospitalization

✔ Maintain your blood pressure

✔ Lower the risk of osteoporosis and other bone problems

✔ Have stronger muscles, joints, and bones, and much more

All in all, physical exercise makes you feel better and happy.

However, you may feel exhausted and experience some body pain after gyming or any other exercise pattern you follow.

 Muscle pain or soreness is something we experience when we stress muscles during exercise.

 You may also get a muscle strain or pulled muscle or muscle cramps after heavy activities or lifting heavy weights.

 Fatigue is what one commonly experiences after a workout.

You need an instant and long-lasting solution in these cases that provides magical relief and keeps you motivated for your exercise routine.  

Before bringing the topic to an end, we’d like to mention a few impacts of over-exercising which we should avoid:

⊗ Over-utilization of muscles and joints can lead to chronic injury and pains.

⊗ Increased training activity can often lead to decreased performance.

⊗ Excessive exercising might lower your energy levels for an extended time, thus impairing your metabolism.

⊗ Extreme workouts can cause hormonal imbalance, resulting in concentration and sleep problems, bouts of bad temper, stress and depression, lack of appetite, unnecessary weight loss, etc.

⊗ While regular physical exercise improves your heart health, too much workout can increase cardiovascular stress and heart rate.

⊗ Overgyming can make you more prone to infections by lowering the body’s immunity.

As we say, excess of everything is bad; same is the case here.

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