Detox Decoded: Bouncing Back After a Night of Adventures

2024-01-037 min read


Stepping out of the party season makes one feel like a sad deflated balloon that’s just existing. The feeling is similar to putting your hand in a tub of popcorn and finding nothing - just cheese dust and memories. 

From high spirits to a calm soul, here’s how you can trace your journey back to a healthy and balanced schedule. There are multiple ways to go about with this. The simplest way is cutting off (or finishing off) all the junk and sweets you’ve been consuming during this season and starting afresh by returning back to a balanced routine. The other way, is detoxing through foods, sleep and exercise.   

Here’s a simple 3 day detox plan you can follow to get yourself on track for a smashing 2024.  

Day 1  

You focus on hydrating and eating clean. Start your mornings with a glass of lime juice and have a nutrient-packed berry and banana smoothie. Whip up a colourful salad with lean protein and a variety of vegetables for lunch. End your day with steamed vegetables and any source of protein. If you feel snacky, you can have nuts and fresh fruit.  

Day 2  

In a similar way, on Day 2, focus on consuming greens and relaxing. Start your morning with lemon juice and include vegetables soups, celery sticks, steamed broccoli, sources of protein and herbal teas. Stretch and exercise for at least 15 minutes to add some kind of good movement to your day.  

Day 3  

Consume lemon juice, salads, hydrating fruits,  juices and end it with a nutritious protein-rich meal that will help you complete your detox plan.  

Alternately, you can uncomplicate your detox plan with Reset Detox candies. All you need to do is pop one candy at atleast 2-3 times a day after every meal and let the candy do the rest. The candy has 5 natural herbs and the power of nanotechnology that helps with liver detoxification and blood purification. It also helps you destress by removing free radicals.  

Ready to party the healthy way? Cheers to a detoxed and healthier you!

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