Are We Up To The Task?

2022-04-225 min read


Are we up to the task of making the world a happier, healthier place to live in? Or, before getting to that, are we up to the task of making our own lives healthier and happier?

World Earth Day 2022 is around the corner, and with the theme of Investing in our Planet, it brings with it the thought of what should we be investing in.

Let’s go on a roller coaster ride of a few scenarios 👀

★ On & On & On….

While brushing our teeth, the toothbrush in our mouth, and tap water on & on & on.

While washing hands, apply soap on our hands, and tap water on & on & on.

Relatable right, mostly, all of us do it. That implies that millions of people do it multiple times a day. Now, just imagine how many gallons of water could be saved if we turned off the tap with the brush still in our mouth and our hands still rubbing against each other 🤯?!?!? Whoa! Our Earth would take a sigh of relief!

★ Here & There & Everywhere….

Ever chased (or accidentally yet happily followed) a classy car? Eyes pleasantly gazing, and then abruptly the window opens, a hand gushes out and tosses a Lays packet!! 🥴 How it feels? Well, this was just an example; such litter-spreading heroes are available in various forms at various places!!

★ Gone & Gone & Gone….

Here now, with all the lights, fans, & TV on, and I am somewhere else now, lighting up that room, but wait, what? 😑 I didn’t switch off the luxuries of the place I came from!! Yup, I and many other I’s very often do that without realizing whatever they’ve done!!!

While these are merely 10% of the unthoughtful damage, we do daily - counting, considering, and analyzing all would be catastrophic!

So, coming back to where we started from? What actually should we be investing in to save our Earth and, ultimately, every being from this pain?

Well, when I ruminate on this aspect, my take would be to Emotionally invest in the Education of the masses. Talk to your kids and make them understand why it is important to turn off the tap when not required. Follow the carrot-and-stick policy if need be. Sit and make your family sit a few hours without electricity to possibly compensate for the wastage incurred and realize the cruciality of readily available opulence. Never encourage a friend who takes pleasure in breaking the rules or throws trash anywhere & everywhere. You may also use Munna Bhai’s Gandhigiri policy if that suits 😆. All in all, the message is to not go big, not necessarily partake in hefty revolutions, but at least do what can be done as part of your routine. Don’t indulge in or encourage acts that seem wrong!!

Concluding with something interesting - when I started with this blog, it was two days to Earth Day, and now while writing this, it's already Earth Day 😆. So, wishing all our readers a happy and healthy Earth Day 2022!

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